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Considered some of the most complex matter known to humankind, the human brain houses cherished memories and future dreams. It coordinates consciousness, which gives us purpose, passion, motion and emotion. Protected by the thick bones of the skull, the brain is still susceptible to many types of trauma. Traumatic Brain Injury (“TBI”) also referred to as head injury, brain trauma and traumatic head injury is a devastating personal injury resulting from physical trauma to the head, neck and brain by a blow or strike, shaking, a bump or penetration that disrupts normal brain function. Common accidents that cause TBI are trucking accidentsmotorcycle accidentsbicycle accidents and motor vehicle accidents. Non-violent incidents can cause brain trauma as well, such as drug overdose or chemical poisoning. The Brain Injury Association of America estimates that 1.7 million children and adults in the U.S. sustain a TBI each year, and currently more than 3.1 million children and adults in the U.S. live with a lifelong disability because of TBI.

Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain injury symptoms include difficulty speaking, slurred speech, difficulty swallowing, changes in vision, dizziness, balance problems, paralysis, difficulty with thinking skills such as memory problems, poor judgment, poor attention span and slowed thought processing speed.

Traumatic Brain Injury:  Legal Issues

Cases involving traumatic brain injury are very complex and involve a multitude of legal and medical issues. Even the medical profession continues to consider the inner workings of the brain something of a mystery. Often, personal injury litigation law firms lack the resources and technical experience to take on a traumatic brain injury case.

Metier Law Firm, LLC’s commitment and passion in protecting the rights of TBI victims through its Brain Lawyer™ legal and investigation services is unmatched. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience successfully representing hundreds of victims suffering from TBI and are adept at conveying complex legal and medical issues in a clear and concise manner to a judge or jury.

Metier Law Firm, LLC is dedicated to protecting clients’ rights in and out of the courtroom through its Brain Lawyer™ legal and investigation services, aggressively recovering full compensation for injuries and damages, including medical and rehabilitation bills, adaptive equipment, home modifications and job retraining. Metier Law Firm, LLC will fight to obtain compensation for the activities that you can no longer enjoy and for your spouse’s and your family’s loss of your companionship.

TBI Recovery: Strength When You Need It

Tom Metier and his team of accident attorneys are skilled courtroom surgeons, aggressive in their representation with a comprehensive understanding of the complex nature of traumatic head injuries. Years of experience in handling TBI cases give Metier Law Firm, LLC’s Brain Lawyer™ legal and investigation services a unique insight into the neurology, neuropsychology and psychology of traumatic brain injuries. Our attorneys are familiar with many different aspects of a TBI case, including the types of rehabilitation and the use of neurologists and other specialists to determine causation and treatment options. This familiarity is what sets Metier Law Firm, LLC’s Brain Lawyer™ legal and investigation services apart from other litigation firms. Tom Metier has a long standing working relationship with nationally recognized hospitals, such as the Swedish Medical Center: Level 1 Trauma Center located in Englewood, Colorado, which serves as the region’s referral center for neurotrauma and Craig Rehabilitation hospital, also located in Englewood, which ranks as one of the top 10 rehabilitation hospitals in the country for spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries.

Our injury lawyers understand the stress and confusion you will face when dealing with the perils of TBI. It takes a special support network to help victims of TBI and their families overcome this devastating personal injury. Receiving just compensation for your head injury is half the battle. The road to recovery includes helping the victim’s family adjust to life after a TBI and if there is no family, it is making sure the client gets counseling, guidance and the medical attention they need. Metier Law Firm, LLC will be with you and your family every step of the way; we are the strength when you need it.

While your life may not be exactly the way it was before your head injury, Metier Law Firm, LLC is dedicated to providing unparalleled Brain Lawyer™ legal and investigation services and devoted to doing everything we can to put you in a position of comfort, safety and strength as you and your family cope with this severe personal injury.

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury, contact Tom Metier at Metier Law Firm, LLC for a free, initial consultation about our Brain Lawyer™ legal and investigation services and let us help you move into a new phase of your life. We have offices in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Washington, but we serve clients nationwide.

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