Caring For Survivors Of Wrongful Death Victims

Accident Attorneys You Want On Your Side Of The Courtroom

Accidents can result in severe personal injury. At worst, a loved one dies as a result. Surviving family members such as a spouse, child or parent of the victim may bring a wrongful death claim when their loved one dies because of the negligent actions of another individual or even a corporation. For over 30 years, Metier Law Firm, LLC, has handled all types of personal injury cases, including those that have resulted in the death of a loved one.

Our firm has aggressively represented grieving family members across the country in numerous types of wrongful death cases such as:

Wrongful death cases can be complex. Each state has its own wrongful death statute, and each wrongful death law varies by state. Wrongful death claims involve multiple intricate details, such as calculating financial compensation, which is based on the age of the victim, health at the time of death, capacity for future training and capacity for future earnings. Our injury lawyers are dedicated, skillful litigators who will do whatever it takes to help you recover damages for pain and suffering, unpaid medical and burial bills, loss of income or economic opportunity, and loss of companionship and love. Help determining your legal damages is just one of the reasons you need an experienced wrongful death attorney with the resources, dedication and knowledge to compensate you for your loss.

Our attorneys care about you and your surviving family member’s well-being; we understand that no amount of money will bring your loved one back. We are sympathetic toward your situation because we are husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters just like you. Being the lawyer we would want for ourselves, we will treat you with compassion and be the strength when you need it. However, we also understand that you have immediate economic concerns that need to be addressed and that it is important that you can begin creating a new life. Our attorneys will be tough in the courtroom and will never stop fighting, in the name of your lost loved one, to bring to you a measure of justice and closure.

Over the years, Metier Law Firm, LLC, has developed an extensive network of medical experts whose sole purpose is to help us evaluate your case and to help us understand your story. We also work with veteran investigators and accident reconstruction experts to help us determine how the accident occurred and who was at fault. This will allow us to fairly evaluate your case and hold accountable all those responsible for the death.

We understand that death is an extremely difficult situation to confront. We will be the strength and emotional support when you need it. Our passion is to help accident victims, and in doing so, we will use all our available resources to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Contact an accident attorney at Metier Law Firm, LLC, and together we will confront the people responsible for your loss and help you move on to the next chapter in your life. We serve clients in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and nationwide.