Pikes Peak Challenge In A Wheelchair

In an inspiring demonstration of what is possible after a significant injury, a man in a wheelchair will attempt the annual Pikes Peak challenge, a 13-mile climb to the top of Pikes Peak’s 14,110-foot summit.

Glen House, a 42-year old physician, is paralyzed from the waist down after a skiing accident in college. A resident of Colorado Springs, House has been training himself for the climb by pushing his chair up hills near his home. The longest trip he has done so far has been 3.5 miles, but he is not worried about his ascent, because he completed it a few years ago in a higher tech wheelchair than he will be using this time.

House will have to deal with traffic and a lack of guardrails, and will be required to have help close at hand, with oxygen and batteries for his wheelchair.

Even with help, House’s quest to reach the top of Pikes Peak is truly inspiring. Have you been significantly injured but still challenge yourself? Let others like you know what is possible by commenting below.

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