Pikes Peak Hill Climb Becomes Electric

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents In Mesa County IncreaseIn 1916, the “Race to the Clouds” was started, and 93 races later it stands as the second oldest motorsports event in America. Now, on the race’s 100th anniversary, a dream for every racer on the hill is finally coming true… There are vehicles that won’t be affected by the high altitudes of Pikes Peak, and they all have batteries!

Pikes Peak Hill Climb Becomes Electric

Okay, so electric vehicles have been running up Pikes Peak for a while now—last year a 1-megawatt Drive eO PP03 won the race and broke records—but electric motorcycles are still fighting to prove that they are the future of the sport and the streets.

This year there will be new faces as well as some familiar ones at the Pikes Peak e-bike division. The Ohio State Buckeyes will try to capitalize on their second place finish from last year, while the reigning champs—Hollywood Electrics and Zero Motorcycles—will try to hold onto their championship for the fourth year in a row.

Mark Miller—who has raced in the Macau Grand Prix, AMA Pro National Road Racing Championship, and the Isle of Man TT—is coming to the hill climb for the first time, and he will be joined by AMA race winner Jake Holden to protect the Zero’s e-bike crown.

Victory will also return to the Hill Climb with its latest attempt at a podium finish, the Empulse RR. Don Canet, a journalist for Cycle World, will ride the beast up the hill and try his best to break some records in the process.

How do you think the e-bikes will do? Can they really make internal combustion engine bikes a thing of the past? Who will you be rooting for at this year’s Hill Climb? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter, and keep following our blog for more on Colorado’s motorcycle racing scene.

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