Police Hope Video of Airborne Motorcyclist Encourages Safe Driving

Motorcycle accidents are some of the more common accidents on the road today, but rarely are they caught on tape. Police video shows Greg Edwards of Aurora flying from his motorcycle after a car ran a red light and broadsided him. Edwards has one piece of advice for motorists:

“Try to be more aware of motorcycle riders,” he told the Denver Post.

His words are especially pertinent as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month reaches its halfway point. The main goal of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month is to reduce motorcycle accidents by increasing awareness of motorcyclists’ presence. If the driver had been more aware of her surroundings, Edwards could have avoided a fractured ankle, fractured femur, chipped teeth and a six stitches in his lip.

The accident’s intersection is one of 14 Aurora locations equipped with a photo enforcement system. Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates says he hopes the video will prevent similar accidents in the future.

“The video is very shocking to someone who sees it,” Oates said. “Hopefully over time we are changing behavior. It’s behavior that should not have occurred, and it should be sanctioned.”

Oates hopes to see fewer red light violations. His department issues between 2,000 and 3,000 red light tickets every month. In other words, up to 11 percent of Aurora residents will receive red light tickets by the end of the year. Most red light violations involve illegal right turns.

Chante Thomas, the driver who struck Edwards, ran the light roughly nine seconds after it turned red. Thomas received a ticket and faces charges of running a red light and careless driving resulting in an injury.

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