Police Investigating Fort Collins Motorcycle Accident

Two people were sent to the hospital after a motorcycle accident threw them from a motorcycle.

The accident occurred close to 9:20 pm on Monday, October 15. A male 25-year old was operating a 2009 Suzuki with a 21-year-old female passenger. They hit a center median on Horsetooth Road near Arctic Fox Drive. The driver sustained moderate injuries, and the passenger sustained serious injuries.

Police are still investigating the motorcycle accident, but they do not currently believe that speed or alcohol influenced the crash.

Biking with a Passenger

Many bikers suggest that novice riders wait until they have some experience under their belts before they ride with a passenger. Passengers add considerable weight to the bike, and that weight can easily affect the bike’s balance. Make sure the passenger can hear the operator; if the passenger misses an instruction, it could lead to a crash.

Motorcycle Passenger Laws

Colorado motorcycle laws state that motorcycles must have footrests for passengers, and that passengers must use them. Passengers must ride behind the driver instead of in front or in a sidecar.

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