Police Officer Seriously Injured As Off-Duty Funeral Escort

A 32-year-veteran of the Pasadena, Texas Police Department is getting much needed support after an off-duty funeral escort motorcycle accident left him in the hospital.

Sgt. Matt Novotny serves as the head of Pasadena’s 10-officer motorcycle unit. He was escorting a funeral procession and had stopped at a traffic light to allow the procession through. A driver apparently failed to see him, driving through a green light to hit Novotny, throwing him from his bike.

Police determined the driver was not inebriated, but that did not do anything to help Novotny. The accident left him with a broken pelvis, two broken leg bones, a broken kneecap and internal injuries.

Life Flight took him from the accident to Memorial Hermann. Though his injuries are not life-threatening, he faces some significant medical procedures to repair his body. Because Novotny was off-duty, a lot of his insurance will not cover the accident.

Pat Miller spent 28 years in the same police department, many of them on patrol with Novotny. Miller is now the treasurer for the Pasadena Police Officers Union.

Because of Miller and fellow officers, Novotny will have some help paying all the medical bills he will be facing.

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