Police Say Sleeping Driver Caused Fatal Car Wreck

In a fatal car accident still under investigation, Colorado State Patrol believes that a car rolled over and killed two of its passengers because the driver fell asleep.

Paul Schweiger, 55, of Sugar Land, Texas was driving a 2002 Toyota 4-Runner west on Colorado Highway 160. His wife Mary, 55, was in the passenger seat. Their daughter Audra Warden, 29, and her husband Gregory Warden, 29, were in the back seat.

Sometime around 9am, the vehicle traveled off the left side of the road and rolled one and a half times. It landed upside down.

Gregory was pronounced dead at the scene. Mary died when she arrived at the Rio Grande Hospital. Authorities airlifted Paul to a Denver hospital. Audra was treated for her injuries and released from the Rio Grande Hospital.

The National Traffic Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that at least 100,000 car accidents result from driver fatigue every year, along with 1,550 deaths. Since it is difficult to accurately determine how many accidents actually involve sleeping drivers, we can assume that these figures are on the conservative side.

If you believe that you might be falling asleep behind the wheel, find a rest area or hotel. Do not get a cup of coffee and hope you make it to your final destination. As in most driving situations, the best bet is the safest one.

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