Police Training Accident Shows Dangers In Spite Of Training

Riding motorcycles safely is not easy, even for those who are learning under expert guidance. One Colorado Springs police officer and two El Paso County sheriff’s deputies had a serious crash last week in a training course for police escorts, causing all three to be transported to the hospital.

According to Police Lt. Brian Ritz, the victims, a new deputy, a deputy instructor and a police instructor, were part of a 10 officer group finishing a three-week course to prepare for escort duty.

Authorities say that the accident occurred when one rider passed too close to a second rider, and the impact threw the second motorcycle about 75 yards into the third rider.

One deputy was treated at the hospital and released, while the other deputy received severe injuries that required surgery. The police department said its officer received moderate to severe injuries.

The information available does not point the finger at who made the first mistake, but it does present a scenario that demonstrates how anyone, from the least experienced to the most, can be hurt in a motorcycle accident.

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