Policeman Arrested in Connection with Colorado Springs DUI

After being suspected of DUI on November 10, a Colorado Springs police officer has been arrested for allegedly stealing a blood sample taken from him. According to The Denver Post, Officer David Rosenoff had a car accident in his personal vehicle. The accident happened at around 1 p.m. at the intersection of Interstate 25 and Woodmen Road.

No other information about the accident was included in the report. After the accident, according to a news release from the Colorado Springs police, investigators, suspecting Rosenoff had been driving while intoxicated, had David Rosenoff taken to the hospital for a blood draw to determine his blood-alcohol content.

Following Officer Rosenoff’s blood draw, the arresting officer took him home. However, after the officer dropped Rosenoff at home, he noticed that the blood sample was missing from his car. An investigation into the missing blood sample led to Rosenoff being placed on administrative leave by the department and booked into El Paso County jail on November 11 for tampering with evidence, which is a felony.

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[Did You Know?: On average, MADD helps a victim or survivor of drunk and drugged driving every eight minutes.]

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