Does This Popular Product Cause Cancer?

Can talc baby powder cause ovarian cancer?It is unacceptable when people are hurt by products they assumed were safe. Some examples could include Takata’s airbags or General Motors’ ignition switch.

Several lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson claim its popular talc baby powder heightens the risk of ovarian cancer. A jury recently awarded a woman $55 million after she developed ovarian cancer, allegedly from using Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder for decades.

Another lawsuit filed by the family of a deceased woman made similar allegations and resulted in a $72 million award.  Although these two lawsuits have resulted in large awards, Johnson & Johnson has still faced 1,200 additional lawsuits for the same reasons.

Will Johnson & Johnson Face Additional Product Liability Lawsuits?

At the moment, there is conflicting information as to whether Johnson & Johnson’s talc baby powder can cause ovarian cancer. The American Cancer Society claims some talc contains asbestos, but the Food and Drug Administration argues it has not found talc products containing asbestos. In Europe, cosmetic products containing talc are banned due to health concerns.

The World Health Organization claims talc-containing baby powder is ‘possibly carcinogenic’, depending on how it is used. During a trial against Johnson & Johnson, an internal memo surfaced that compared denying a link between its baby powder and cancer as similar to denying a link between tobacco products and cancer.

Additional research should be carried out to study whether talc baby powder is carcinogenic. Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder is used by millions of women worldwide, and it would be unacceptable to allow a possibly carcinogenic product to remain on store shelves with no warning labels. Additional product liability lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson are still possible.

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