Potholes Are Back In Full Force

After the winter’s thaw, there are more potholes than ever on Colorado roads. They are an inevitable byproduct of the winter-to-spring transition period. During winter, water seeps into the cracks in the asphalt. As temperatures fluctuate above and below freezing in late winter and early spring, the water is constantly freezing and melting repeatedly.

Since ice occupies more space than water, each freezing-melting cycle expands and contracts, damaging the integrity of the surrounding asphalt. Come spring, motorists driving over weakened asphalt regions agitate the area until it collapses into a pothole.

Given the harsh winter this year, there are quite a lot of potholes to be filled.  Last year, approximately 13,500 potholes were filled. Just a few months into 2014, roadway crews have already had to fill 5,235 potholes, over half of the yearly average. There is a strong possibility that as many as 10,000 more potholes will need to be filled in 2014.

The longer a pothole goes without repair, the more threatening it becomes. A deep pothole can seriously damage motor vehicles, causing drivers to lose control and crash. In addition, potholes are especially dangerous for cyclists, which Fort Collins has in great supply. A pothole in a bike lane can cause cyclists to swerve out of the way, for fear of a flat tire, and end up in the middle of the road with cars and trucks.

The city of Fort Collins is working as hard as they can to fill all potholes; however, there are still thousands waiting to be filled. If you have been injured in a car accident caused by poor quality road conditions, you may be entitled to compensation. Figuring out who is liable for an accident caused by a pothole depends greatly on where the pothole is situated.

I Need A Car Accident Lawyer In Fort Collins

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[Did You Know: Federal and state road maintenance costs $185 billion, according to a congressional study.]

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