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Practice Makes Perfect, But How Do You Practice Being a Trial Attorney?

The Metier Law Firm is here to helpHow long does it take to become a truly competent trial attorney? According to Tom Metier, it takes around 10,000 hours of experience, or five years of intense trial work. If you’re new to the practice of law, this can be a hard quota to manage. However, there is a solution available to professionals dedicated to getting their practice right.

Is There a Way to Practice Being a Trial Attorney?

In a building next to the law offices of Metier Law Firm, our attorneys have set up something special for their fellow professionals and students of the law. In this building, you’ll find several displays, a lawyer’s podium, a judicial bench, tables and chairs. All this creates a special theater for practitioners of the law, where they can rearrange and stage this room to resemble most of the courtrooms you’ll find in America. This special space helps attorneys ply their craft as best they can, and it’s being put to use in remarkable ways.

As an instructor at the Trial Lawyer’s College in Dubois, Wyoming, Tom Metier often has students in need of a space to learn the ins and outs of trial work, but these aren’t the only people taking advantage of this special space. Attorneys from all over the nation are also welcomed to build their skills here, and even the attorneys at Metier Law Firm take advantage of the space to make sure they are ready for the rigors of trial.

Mock trials and other courtroom exercises take place in this space as often as three out of four weeks a month. Utilizing focus groups and experts in fields like medicine, psychology and engineering, a bevy of courtroom situations can be simulated for the law practitioner. Better yet, the students and attorneys have access to the opinions and thoughts of the people on their mock juries, which can often yield vital information about their presentation before actually stepping into the court.

When it comes to law, preparation and practice can often be the keys to success. Metier Law Firm’s mock trial room is another tool the to bring justice not only to our clients, but to everyone who needs the law to right a wrong.

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