Photo of women grieving over a wrongful death

Did Negligence Cause the Death of a Ski Tourist?

Photo of women grieving over a wrongful death

A family on vacation from San Antonio, Texas was visiting Ski Granby Ranch when disaster struck. The ski lift the mother and her two daughters were riding shifted and rocked violently. It slammed into the nearby tower before dumping the woman and her children to the hard-packed snow. The incident proved deadly, but was there anything the resort could have done to prevent the tragedy? A new negligence lawsuit seems to suggest resort workers could have done a lot.

Was Negligence the Reason a Ski Tourist Lost Her Life?

The fall on December 29, 2016 claimed the life of this San Antonio mother. Her daughters survived with severe injuries, but endured months of recovery and are still being treated for post-traumatic stress. They were riding the Quick Draw Express when the accident occurred, but answers as to why they were bucked off the lift were obscure until the recent filing of the family’s negligence suit.

An investigator uncovered that the Quick Draw Express had recently undergone the installation of a new electric drive system. This system was a one-of-its-kind build for the lift, and so no prior setting came with the new system. This meant that the lift needed fine tuning to ensure it functioned safely, but the lawsuit suggests that this tuning never happened.

The allegedly untuned system caused lift carriages to violently swing, and that is the suspected cause of the family’s ejection. Several witnesses claim that while riding the Quick Draw Express on December 22, 23 and 24, the lift experienced sudden stops that caused swinging and bouncing. One witness even confronted a managing director about the problem, and was allegedly told the lift was fine. However, nothing was done, and days later, tragedy struck.

The lawsuit filed by this family claims that the ski resort neglected to properly test the ski lift before opening it to the public, ignored concerns from riders who felt unsafe on the ride, and kept a potentially dangerous machine running until it hurt someone. Owners of the resort have yet to respond to these allegations, but testimony against them seems to be building. Do you think the owners of the Ski Granby Ranch could have prevented this tragedy?

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