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Will this Electrocution Case Get Its Day in Court?

A man from Montana was staying at a Grand Junction hotel when his wife claims he suffered an electric shock. The incident would eventually lead to a court case, but the judge in charge ruled against the widow. Now this electrocution case will get another chance to be heard in a Colorado court.

Colorado Electrocution Lawsuit Gets Another Chance in Court

In the summer of 2013, a 64-year-old man was found floating in a pool at a hotel in Grand Junction. Hotel employees and emergency responders were able to restart his heart, but the man remained unresponsive. Days later, he passed on after his family removed him from life support.

Not long after this incident, the man’s widow filed a lawsuit against the hotel owners, claiming her husband was electrocuted. Medical reports found no trauma to the man’s body or extremities and ruled the death a cardiac arrest. However, the medical evidence did not rule out electrocution.

The widow made a motion to have an electrician inspect the hotel’s wiring, but that request was denied by the judge. After that denied request, the judge delivered a summary judgment in favor of the hotel owner, but a Colorado Court of Appeals disagrees with the ruling.

Considering the evidence at hand, the panel of three judges ruled that the Mesa County judge’s decision was made in error. They have ordered the case back to Mesa County District Court for reconsideration.

Colorado property owners who operate businesses have a duty of care when it comes to their patrons. If further examination reveals this hotel owner was negligent in maintaining his or her pool, a jury could find them liable for any resulting damages. That means all the facts must be fully evaluated, and that is why this case will be reconsidered.

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