Preparing for a Deposition

If you are called as a witness in your lawsuit, you will have to go through a deposition. In a deposition you will be put under oath and asked questions by attorneys while a court reporter types down every word said; some depositions are even recorded on video. Depositions can be intimidating, so it is important to know how to prepare for them.

When you get a notice of a deposition, contact your attorney at once. Allow your attorney to educate you and get to know him or her. Let your attorney know about you, your special characteristics, temperament and quirks. Let him or her know you on a factual level as well. Everything you know about the case, your attorney should know. Let him or her help you review the facts and put them in order. The more your attorney knows you and what you know, the better.

When in a deposition, as when testifying, it is important to remain calm and only answer the questions presented to you. Do not elaborate, and try to avoid appearing angry or frustrated. You are simply there to let the opposing side understand what you know about the case.

When you are unfamiliar with them, depositions may appear difficult. Adequate preparation, though, will ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

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