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Were Toxic Fumes Poisoning Colorado Families in Their New Homes?

The Metier Law Firm, helping those in need.Floor joists are essential to a home. They provide both structure and strength, so if these pieces are defective, it can affect an entire house. And though the latest floor joist defect isn’t bringing the house down, it is still causing problems for Colorado families.

Why Do Some New Homes Contain Toxic Fumes Poisoning Colorado Families?

Two couples out of Firestone have just filed lawsuits against Weyerhaeuser Company for distributing floor joists containing formaldehyde-based resin. These joists were coated in the resin to make them flame-resistant and meet fire codes, however, they began to produce fumes. These fumes were toxic and forced two Colorado families from their brand-new homes.

According to a statement released by Weyerhaeuser in July, around 2,200 houses in various stages of construction were built using these allegedly defective joists. It claims to have contacted all affected homeowners and that it will replace the joists in those homes. However, the two Firestone families claim they did not receive such a notification.

That means this case could go before a Colorado jury if the two sides cannot reach an agreement. As for others who may also be affected by this defect, they need to be informed and ready to act. Richmond American Homes is the builder that used Weyerhaeuser Company’s potentially toxic floor joists. The joists were manufactured after Dec. 1, 2016, which limits affected homes to more recent constructions. Richmond builds houses throughout Erie, Frederick, Fort Collins, Loveland, Timnath and Windsor.

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