Victims Sue Pot Vendor After THC Overdose

Six people have filed a class-action lawsuit against LivWell, a Denver marijuana dispensary, claiming that they overdosed on marijuana-laced candy at the Denver County Fair.

The plaintiff became ill after sampling treats from a “Pot Pavilion” at the Denver County Fair, which included vendors selling marijuana-themed merchandise. LivWell was offering candy bar samples along with other products.

Several people reported feeling ill after ingesting the treats. One man went to his car and “projectile vomited” before going to the hospital, where emergency room physicians attributed his symptoms to an overdose of THC.

The tainted candy should not have contained any marijuana at all. According to a fair spokesperson, all vendors agree to a strict policy banning all products containing actual marijuana from the fairgrounds.

Promotional advertising for the fair confirms the event’s policy against marijuana, and the LivWell vendor assured the victim repeatedly that the chocolates were marijuana-free.

Seven people reported adverse effects from the candy, and at least two others tested positive for a THC overdose after the fair. The victims have filed a class-action lawsuit against LivWell for negligence.

Can You Overdose on Marijuana?

THC is the active ingredient in marijuana. In small amounts, it can reduce pain, nausea and anxiety; during an overdose, however, victims can experience an elevated heart rate, nausea or vomiting and shortness of breath.

Marijuana has some documented health benefits, but it is still a powerful drug. Distributing it is a great responsibility, and vendors are in charge of providing accurate information and keeping customers safe.

This vendor was extremely negligent for not verifying his product, both the content and the concentration, before handing it out. Innocent people were injured and hospitalized, and actions like his should not go unpunished.

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[Did You Know: People with more than 5 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood are considered legally stoned in Colorado.]

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