Proper Motorcycle Training A Matter Of Life And Death

It is extremely important that those riding a motorcycle receive proper training before going out on the road. Though there are many joys to riding, there are also many dangers to riding untrained, and they can be deadly.

A tragic accident last week in Nebraska demonstrated the dangers of inexperienced motorcycle operation, closing a highway for hours and leaving one woman dead.

37-year old Dawn Dvorak was traveling southbound on her Harley when she crossed the centerline. An oncoming vehicle struck her bike, killing her.

Dvorak’s husband was riding in front of her when the accident happened.

Authorities say that Dvorak had only had her motorcycle license for a week, and that the accident was the result of an inexperienced operator of a motorcycle.

It is impossible to say if anything could have prevented this terrible motorcycle accident, but the fact that authorities ruled it the result of inexperienced operation emphasizes the need for thorough training of new riders. Is enough training required of new motorcycle riders before they get on the road? Share your thoughts with others like you by commenting below.

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