two riders supporting realities ride 2013

Realities Ride 2013

Realities Ride 2013

Injury Attorneys Support Realities for Children Charities

Tom Metier and the injury lawyers of Metier Law Firm are honored to be a part of Law Tigers, an organization who recently acted as a corporate sponsor for the 2013 Realities Ride and Rally fundraiser. This year, the Realities Ride and Rally motorcycle event set a new world record with their work raising more than $120,000 for abused and neglected children. Our firm is an active member in our community, and takes pride in being involved with a number of charities like the Realities for Children Charities. To learn how our injury attorneys may be able to offer compassionate legal representation if you or a loved one suffered injuries due to the negligence of another in a motorcycle accident or other devastating situation, speak with injury lawyer Tom Metier today by calling (866) 377-3800 or by contacting us online.

Video Transcription:

Female 1: It’s about coming together as a group of riders for a great cause which is related to the neglected and abused children of Larimer County.

Male 1: I’ve known about it for about three years but I’ve always went south instead of coming north and this year I decided to try this ride out and break the Guinness Book of Records.

Male 2: Being out there on the road and having that wind whipping through your hair, best feeling ever.

Female 2: Get off your butt, get on your bike, and come out and ride. Donate. You’ll not only meet a lot of good friends, but to shake Craig’s hand and thank him for everything he does for this community is awesome. Let’s get together this year and next year, and have a good time. (Music playing)