Should I Record My Motorcycle Rides?

Have you seen the YouTube video of the man that drives his motorcycle over a traffic barrier and off a cliff? What about the one where the rider tells you about the latest motorcycling issue while riding his favorite road? Videos like these were filmed by riders with action cams and some of them can be entertaining. But did you realize that you should consider filming your motorcycle rides too?

Why I Should Record My Motorcycle Rides

Action cameras have become a commonplace and very inexpensive part of the sport of motorcycling. Aside from using them to create moto-vlogs or to record you riding a particularly awesome road, riders have found unique ways to use the devices. Here are a few that might interest you:

  • To Improve Technique– Many riders are mounting cameras to get a view of how they ride. From there they examine their own styles and look for ways to improve. Even riding schools are starting to use action cameras to teach their students.
  • For Insurance Claims– It’s hard for an insurance company to say a crash was your fault when there is video backing up your story.
  • Fraud Protection– In Europe, there has been a trend of people faking accidents to scam innocent riders and their insurance companies. This has resulted in more riders using action cams to prove that they didn’t hit anyone. Though this trend hasn’t quite hit the U.S. yet, it never hurts to be prepared.
  • Courtroom Evidence– We all try to avoid a crash, but if you do happen to become the victim of an accident, having a video could be invaluable. Video can be the great equalizer in a courtroom, especially in a personal injury case.

Times are changing, and so is motorcycling. The motorcycling attorneys here at the Metier Law Firm want to remind you that it’s important to change with times as well. Protect yourself by considering an action cam for your motorcycle rides.

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