Is There a Relationship Between Fatigued Driving and Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents are exceptionally deadly due to the size, weight and speed of trucks in comparison to smaller vehicles on the road. Semi-trucks can weigh anywhere from 10,000 to 80,000 pounds depending on the load size, and their average speed is usually in excess of 40 mph.

Being hit by a semi-truck usually leads to death or severe injury, such as traumatic brain injuries, burns and spinal cord injuries. In 2011, truck accidents caused 3,757 deaths and 88,000 injuries. Common causes of truck accidents are fatigued driving, defective parts and poor weather.

One of the most common causes of truck accidents is fatigued driving, as semi truck drivers have a job that requires them to drive extremely long distances for lengthy periods. Falling asleep at the wheel behind a massive vehicle can have devastating consequences, and recently, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association made changes to the number of hours a truck driver could work.

Old rules have the number of hours capped at 82 hours per week, and new FMCSA regulations have reduced the number of hours to 70. It is expected that this will reduce the number of accidents caused by fatigued semi-truck drivers by 1,400 a year.

Are Defective Parts to Blame for Truck Accidents?

Defective parts and poor weather can also contribute to the annual number of truck accidents. Unfortunately, poor weather happens all of the time and truck drivers are powerless to stop it. Defective parts are inexcusable, as there are regulations placed on motor carriers to use safe equipment. A failure to maintain a semi-truck could lead to heavy fines and civil lawsuits depending on who was at fault.

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