Remembering an Olympian’s Colorado Motorcycle Accident

Rulon Gardner is an American wrestler who won the gold in 2000 and the bronze in 2004 in Greco-Roman wrestling. His road to the Olympics included a few detours, notably a small plane crash and a motorcycle accident during his spring training for the 2004 games.

The accident took place in Colorado Springs. Gardner was driving to the U.S. Olympic Training Center one morning when a 1991 Mazda pulled in front him. Gardner’s special Olympic edition Harley-Davidson hit the car and he flew over the handlebars. He says his wrestling training possibly saved his life.

“I ducked it, and did a front flip,” Gardner said. “I remember seeing the ground coming. I thought to tuck. Without wrestling, I bet I would have hit it wrong.” He landed on his right foot after flipping and rolled on his left side. He had some abrasions and soreness, but no critical injuries.

Since not all bikers are Olympic athletes, do your best to stay visible on the road. When navigating highways and intersections, assume that other motorists do not see you – there is a good chance that you are correct.

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