Remembering A Fallen Colorado Racer

Last week on February 17th, we talked about how the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb has retained Broadmoor as its principal sponsor, but to the participants and organizers of the Race to the Clouds, that day had an even deeper significance. February 17th was the birthday of Carl Sorensen, the motorcycle racer who died in the 2015 PPIHC.

Remembering A Fallen Colorado Racer

Carl was from Centennial and had ridden in the Hill Climb two times before the crash that took his life. He was 39 years old, a father, a husband, and a man with a passion for riding motorcycles as fast as they could go. He had been racing for around 10 years.

Sorensen worked as a mechanic for the Denver sanitation district when he wasn’t seeking thrills on two wheels. His mechanical skills served him well as a handyman and allowed him to personally tweak the motorcycles he loved to race. His passion for the sport was so great that he hated winter because the cold and ice kept him off the racetrack. As an experienced racer, Sorensen had experienced his bumps, bruises and broken bones, but he never gave up. He would always pick himself up and keep pushing his motorcycle further, which is probably why he was hired to ride a Ducati during the 2015 race up Pikes Peak.

After two practice runs, Carl had told his crew that the bike was “running great,” so he saddled up for one more practice run to the summit. He was pushing to break the 10-minute barrier, and his last run was just over that time, but things went wrong somewhere between the Devil’s Playground and the summit.

Sorensen’s wife says that Carl knew the risks and this is how he would have wanted to go, and now that the PPIHC has updated the rules for the race, many are hoping the hill will be even safer for the racers riding to the top. With another year of racing about to start, we want to remember the brave souls who have risked it all for the sport they love.

Good luck and ride safe everyone—from the motorcycle attorneys at the Metier Law Firm.

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