Respected Football Coach Dies In Denton Motorcycle Accident

According to NBC, a popular 56-year-old football coach of Liberty Christian School in Argyle died in a motorcycle crash heading north on Interstate 35 E in Denton, Texas. While rounding the 4900 block near Corinth, the victim lost control of his motorcycle. He was ejected from the motorcycle and suffered serious injuries. Emergency crews arrived on the scene of the accident and sent the wounded coach to the Denton Regional Medical Center. Sadly, the man died of his wounds at the hospital.

The victim is fondly remembered as a founding figure of Liberty Christian School where he began teaching in 1983. In his approximately 25 years of coaching, he guided the Liberty Christian School football team to three state and 20 division titles. In addition to loving football, he was an avid motorcycle enthusiast with years of experience on the road.

This story illustrates that motorcycle accidents can prove to be fatal to both novice and experienced riders alike. Lacking a car’s protective shielding, the motorcyclist faces the grim reality that even minor accidents may carry serious consequences. Our attorneys are experienced motorcyclists as well as proficient trial lawyers, so we understand firsthand the dangers that motorcyclists face on the road.

Adverse Road Conditions Caused My Motorcycle Accident, What Can I Do?

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