Ride the Pounds Away

You may have many reasons for riding your motorcycle, but is one of them to lose weight? According to leatherup.com, motorcycle riding could be a way to drop some pounds.

Riding a motorcycle certainly takes more physical effort than driving a car. You have to use upper and lower body strength to handle your bike in a variety of situations. You need to keep it upright, steer it, push it backwards and navigate varying terrains. Depending on the amount of gear you wear, the weight of your bike and the type of riding you are doing, you can burn a significant number of calories.

The average rider travelling for an hour on a motorcycle burns 179 calories an hour. A motocross rider, on the other hand, can burn 400 calories in an hour. This is equivalent to an hour of moderate swimming.

Leatherup does advise that significant weight loss is more easily accomplished by reducing the amount of calories consumed along with increasing the calories expended. So, if you plan on eating a double cheeseburger after a long ride, you may come out just about even.

It is encouraging to realize that something as enjoyable as riding a motorcycle could have the added benefit of burning calories. Remember to be careful how far you push yourself, though. Tired riders get in motorcycle accidents, and lying in a hospital bed is not the best way to lose weight.

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