Rider Runs from Police at 188 MPH

An Iowa motorcyclist has been found guilty of traveling at excessive speed and eluding a police officer after a chase where he reached 188 mph.

In 2009, Iowa State Patrol clocked James Foldenauer and a female motorcyclist going 89 mph in a construction zone on Interstate 29. The female rider pulled over when officials asked her to do so, but Foldenauer sped off.

Foldenauer reached 188 mph on his 2003 Suzuki Haybusa while attempting to evade authorities. The two officers pursuing him could not keep up, but a State patrol aircraft followed him from the air.

Pilot Scott Pigsley said he was concerned not only for the safety of the motorcyclist, but also for everyone else traveling in his path.

“I not only watched him pass on the shoulders at high rates of speed, but I saw him go on the centerline between semis and cars,” Pigsley said.

Pigsley followed the motorcyclist across the Missouri River to an Omaha, Nebraska residence, where police arrested him.

The defense Foldenhauer’s attorney used, that the motorcyclist in question was not his client, did not convince the court. He now faces up to two years in prison for his actions.

Foldenauer is fortunate. A motorcycle accident at 188 mph would have been far worse than even the maximum sentence he faces.

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