Riding in the Rain Made Easier

In many areas of the country, springtime often means rain. Riding your motorcycle in the rain can be a tense experience, but it does not have to be. Taking the following precautions will make riding in the rain easier and safer:

  1. Buy good rain gear. Getting soaked makes you uncomfortable, and being uncomfortable makes it more difficult to pay attention to what you are doing.
  2. Get off the road for a little while when it starts raining. The first 15 minutes are the slickest. If you cannot pull over, take it easy and slow down.
  3. Slow down. This may seem obvious, but circumstances may inspire you to try going faster than you should. Only ride at the speed you are comfortable and that the situation dictates.
  4. Avoid shiny and smooth surfaces. Metal and painted surfaces are going to be even slicker than the pavement.
  5. Test your traction. Try stopping while traveling slowly to see how long it takes. This will give you a good idea of how your bike will handle, and it will help you determine how fast to go and how close to follow other drivers.
  6. Keep your face covered. Raindrops hurt when they hit bare skin.
  7. Only perform one action at a time. Accelerate, then turn, then brake. Combining any of these reduces your traction.

Riding in the rain will never be as safe or as comfortable as riding when it is dry, but taking these precautions will mitigate the discomfort and help you avoid a motorcycle accident.

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