Rise in Bicycle Popularity Coincides with Rise in Bike Fatalities

In cities congested with traffic, more people are turning to bicycles as a preferred mode of transportation, since they use less gas, bypass traffic in bike lines and are easily park-able. However, the downside of more bicycle traffic is a rise in bicycle accidents. The Seattle Times reports that at least 12 bicyclists died so far in 2011, due to collisions with cars, a train and one who fell into a stairwell.

Another bicyclist, who used his bike as part of a delivery service for Jimmy John’s sandwich shop, died this month during a collision with a car turning left. Police have not yet determined who was at fault in the accident. One bike commuter explained that cars do not look for bicycles. Therefore, the Cascade Bicycle Club calls for infrastructure improvements and greater community between motorists and bicyclists as a way to improve road safety and reduce fatal bike accidents.

Although 12 people died over this year, the League of American Cyclists says that the state is number one in bike safety programs. This fact should be alarming for other states with a high number of bike commuters. Especially when gas prices are high, more people turn to bikes as a main method of transportation; safety precautions must be enforced and perhaps even increased in most cities.

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