Roadways in Fort Collins, CO Under Accident Alert Status

According to the Collegian Central, temperatures fell down to the single digits in Fort Collins, Colorado, the site of recent roadway accidents. As a consequence, police placed the city on accident alert due to slick roads and snow. The accident alert status applies mostly to those involved in minor accidents in which neither party is seriously injured or under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Those involved in minor accidents were told to mail their accident reports to the police station so that the police could focus their efforts on serious collisions. Police recommended that drivers and motorcyclists “reduce speed, leave extra space between vehicles, and avoid making last minute decisions.”

The accident alert was well intentioned, as there was a recent motorcycle crash in southeast Fort Collins. The motorcyclist was riding along Harmony Road, a common site of motorcycle accidents this past year, when he lost control of his bike and crashed due to adverse weather conditions. Thankfully, the motorcyclist was not seriously injured. Emergency crews arrived and transported the man to Medical Center of the Rockies.

Adverse Weather Caused My Motorcycle Accident. Who Can Help Me?

Given the recent snow and sleet in Fort Collins, motorcyclists and motorists alike need to be extra vigilant and cautious on the road as it is easier than ever to lose control of your vehicle. Motorcycle accidents can result in back and neck injuries, severe cuts and lacerations, road rash, loss of limbs, traumatic brain injuriesspinal cord injuries and death. Our attorneys are motorcyclists as well as experienced attorneys, so we are well aware of the difficulty of recovering from a motorcycle accident. As such, we will fight to ensure that you receive the full compensation that you deserve so that you may enjoy a speedy and healthy recovery.

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