Rockies Pitcher Sustains Cervical Spine Injury from Line Drive

Colorado Rockies pitcher Juan Nicasio is currently recovering from a fracture of his C-1 vertebra, sustained in a game on August 5, 2011, where a line drive struck his head. According to the Denver Post, Nicasio underwent surgery at Denver Health Medical Center that night, where a team of neurosurgeons placed a permanent plate and two screws in his neck. Nicasio experienced internal bleeding at the right side of his head, but he remained conscious throughout his ambulance ride and had full use of his extremities.

Though Nicasio did not sustain a spinal cord injury, his long-term prognosis for recovering his baseball career is hard to determine. Surgeons say that the plate and screws will limit his range of motion for pitching, at best. Dr. Allen Schreiber, who treated Nicasio, felt that the baseball player still has a chance to bounce back from his injury due to his young age. At the time of his injury, Nicasio enjoyed a starter spot with a good chance for the team’s 2012 rotation.

There are no prior examples to show Nicasio’s chances for improvement, but if fans’ well wishes will help, Nicasio should be back to playing in no time.

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