Runaway Semi-Truck Causes 13-Car Accident in Colorado

On October 21, an apparently out of control semi-truck ran through a Cherry Hills Village, Colorado intersection, causing a 13-vehicle wreck. According to ABC 7 in Denver, the accident happened around 3:30 p.m. at the intersection of Highway 285/Hampden Bypass and South Clarkson Street. The investigation into the cause of the accident was still ongoing at the time of this report, but reportedly, the truck driver may have had a medical condition or some other sort of issue that led to the wreck.

Four people were injured in the crash, which began when a semi-truck hauling a long flatbed trailer westbound on Highway 285/Hampden Bypass failed to stop when it reached the South Clarkson Street intersection. Upon reaching the intersection, the semi ran into the back of a line of westbound cars waiting at a red light.

“When my car got jostled, I was almost like – it was a joke – like, ‘Who’s pushing me,’ but then I looked over and there’s a big, giant truck cab rolling, just barreling through the intersection, and I was like, ‘Oh, this is really happening,’” accident victim Thomas Ogans told ABC 7. “And then as that happens, a bunch of glass hits me in the face. Glass everywhere, sparks was flying, it was just like out of a movie. I was scared out of my mind.”

After plowing through the vehicles at the intersection, the semi kept rolling. It knocked down a power pole and then came to rest on the front lawn of the Off Broadway Flats apartment building, with its hood up and smoke coming out of its engine compartment.

According to reports, five of the other vehicles involved in the wreck were smashed together in a cluster and the impact of the collision had forced another four over towards Jefferson Avenue. Four people had to be taken to Swedish Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries.

“This is a miracle right here, to have this much damage and this much carnage and these many cars and the crumbled mess that they’re in and nobody is even really seriously hurt?” said Ogans. “It’s a miracle.”

Accidents like this should not happen, because people do not always come away from car and truck accidents with just non-life-threatening injuries. In addition, even if you or a loved one only sustain a non-life-threatening injury in an accident, it could still be a debilitating injury that adds a burden to your life going forward.

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