What If a Bicycle Recall Caused an Accident?

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Auto recalls have been making headlines recently, the recall of Takata airbags affecting 42 million vehicles is the largest in U.S. history. What about defective bicycle parts? A recent bicycle recall on Vanmoof bikes cited a brake issue that causes riders to fall over and gave one rider a concussion. Cyclists use the same roadways as vehicles, and a faulty part could cause a cyclist to get into a serious accident. Any dangerous products can be reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) if the manufacturer has not issued a recall yet. Also, owners of the product need to have the components replaced for free by the manufacturer.

What If You Suspect a Safety Defect Caused Your Bike Accident?

If you have noticed a component on your bike is unsafe, check your bike model for recalls on cspc.gov. If there is not an existing recall, make sure to file a report on CSPC’s website, and contact the manufacturer letting them know there is an issue. This is how the recall process gets started if it is not initiated by the manufacturer. The CSPC takes consumer reports and contacts the manufacturer to initiate the recall. You also might want to contact a product liability attorney, who can assist you in the event you have suffered injuries or hardships.

If the bike has been recalled, the instructions for how to remedy the issue will be on the CSPC website with contact information for the manufacturer.

Proving that a manufacturer is liable for an accident or injury is not easy. The company will have a legal team and may come up with other explanations for why the error occurred with your product. Manufacturers have the legal responsibility to keep you safe.

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