Bike Safety Technology Winners Announced in Colorado’s RoadX Challenge!

Bikes for Tykes 2016In The Colorado Department of Transportation RoadX Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Challenge, entrepreneurs from all over the world submit innovative ideas and concepts for road safety. The recent contest had 8 winners, 5 of them getting a prize of $10,000 for smaller-scale safety technology ideas, and the other three received $75,000 to develop their more complex concepts. The awesome thing about this event  is the winners of the $75,000 concept prize can continue to develop their ideas, and  the developer most successful at implementing their idea after 8 months will get an additional prize of 150,000$.

Tier 1 winners ($10,000)

  • Diffractive optic laser: Uses optic lasers to create a 3ft. arc around the bicycle. This increases visibility for bikers greatly, in both daytime and nighttime.
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian Early Detection System: Using radio frequency identification technology, this system would place a tag on a biker’s helmet that would signal a warning sign to a busy intersection, letting the drivers know that a biker will soon be crossing in that intersection.
  • Did you see me? This is a proposed requirement of a web-review on biker and pedestrian safety that would be required for vehicle registration and renewal in Colorado.
  • Smart signage: Like the Bicycle/Pedestrian Early Detection System, this device can sense when bikers are at a busy intersection, causing an oscillating light to glow to notify motorists.
  • Guardian smart road beacon: Using infrared sensor technology, the sensors can tell when people or animals enter the roadway, and would highlight the part of the road where the people or animals are active.

Tier 2 Winners ($75,000)

  • Liberty Bell: The Smart Bicycle Bell: This bell would allow bikers to ring the bell whenever they encounter a safety issue or have difficulty biking in a certain area. The bell would categorize the exact time and location of the bell ring, then allow the biker to notate the issue using several parameters later via email.
  • Big foot: This technology would allow bikers to illuminate raised pavement markers when approaching them on the road, increasing awareness of drivers to the presence of a biker.
  • ColorRoadie: This would equip bikers and pedestrians with bracelets that would light up colored solar panels installed on bike paths and walkways, increasing biker and pedestrian visibility. They are also equipped with heating panels to fend off snow and ice.

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