Brain Injury Turns Colorado Woman Into a Genius

Brain injuries can vary in severity and affect people in different ways, such as the woman who became an artistic and mathematical savant after an accident.

Before her accident, the 47-year-old woman was helping manage a ranch in Maybell, Colorado. While feeding chickens one day, she fell down into a ravine and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Upon awakening in the hospital, the woman could not remember anything about her life prior to the accident.

Furthermore, the woman who once loved NASCAR and considered herself a tomboy now spends her time enjoying art, poetry and mathematical equations.

Doctors say the woman has acquired savant syndrome, an extremely rare condition. In fact, the condition is so rare that doctors suspect she is the only case who has acquired the condition after suffering a traumatic brain injury.

How Are People Affected by Brain Injuries?

Brain injuries cause a change in brain function, and there are no set rules for what that means. For example, we have written blog posts on brain injuries sharing a link to mental illness and behavioral problems.

The woman’s case we used today can show that not all brain injuries are the same. In some cases, accident survivors with brain injuries will suffer significant cognitive impairment and might be unable to work again.

Depending on the circumstances leading up to an accident, legal options might be available for accident survivors. Contacting an attorney costs nothing, and the benefits of having a case reviewed can open up more options for accident survivors.

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