Can Digital Auto Recall Notices Increase Repair Rates?

Recalled auto parts can cause serious injuries or deathMillions of American consumers are driving vehicles with recalled auto parts. Some of these auto parts have extremely dangerous defects, such as Takata airbags.

Recall notices do not always reach consumers. Estimates from the Government Accountability Office in the years between 2000 and 2008 suggest only 55 to 75 percent of vehicle owners respond to recall notices and receive repairs. An additional analysis conducted by the market research firm J.D. Power and Associates suggests that, as of two months ago, 45 million people were driving vehicles with recalled auto parts. This can lead to fatal consequences for vehicle owners. For example, people have been killed by shrapnel caused by Takata’s faulty airbag injectors.

How Digital Auto Recall Notices Could Improve Our Safety

Digital auto recall notices may fix some of these problems. NHTSA is proposing a rule change that would require auto manufacturers to notify consumers of recalls through email, text messages, phone calls and other digital communications. Automakers would also use social media campaigns to alert consumers to recalls. Regulators at NHTSA believe electronic communication would be more effective than only notifying consumers through mail. The vast majority of Americans use smart phones, social media websites or email to receive news and information.

Recall notices would still be sent by mail. The new rule will use multiple means of communication to reach the greatest number of people.

You can see if your vehicle was recalled by entering your vehicle identification number (also known as the VIN) into the search engine on

The Colorado and Wyoming personal injury attorneys at Metier Law Firm encourage you to regularly check for auto parts recalls.