What If Your Car Insurance Company Refuses to Give You Coverage?

Your car insurance is there to protect you, you purchased a decent plan, made all your payments, and shouldn’t be financially worried about getting hit on the road. Then it happens, and your insurance company says they can’t cover the damages. They say the accident was your fault or your plan doesn’t have the funds, or another reason for the denial. This can be financially devastating for many people who were in a car crash and feel like there is no other option to get this money back. However, you still have options to challenge your insurance company’s claims.

When Should You Challenge an Insurance Claim Denial?

  • Delayed claim processing: When a company keeps dragging their feet in working your case to avoid payment.
  • Refusal to pay: If an insurance company refuses to pay you for damages that are covered in your contract, or tries to make a claim that your plan does not include those types of damages.
  • Refusal to defend a lawsuit: When an insurance company does not acknowledge a suit against them.
  • Unreasonable settlement: Insurance companies are often trying to offer the smallest amount possible for damages. Minimum coverage does not cover the full scope of injuries and the recovery process, or serious vehicle damage.

Car insurance companies can come up with many creative explanations for why your claim was denied, and your damages are not covered. Many times, this is illegal.

Experienced car insurance attorneys at Metier law firm have a wealth of knowledge used to review insurance contracts and hold large insurance companies responsible for their negligence.