Has Colorado’s Road Rage Problem Become a Public Safety Issue?

Can road rage cause car accidents?We have all seen drivers freaking out behind the wheel, tailgating, speeding ahead of other vehicles and flipping the bird. Some of you reading this blog post might even be guilty of these behaviors.

Road rage is common across the nation. A new AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study has discovered 80 percent of Americans have expressed road rage within the last year.

However, road rage can also endanger the safety of other people. Fox 31 in Denver recently published a story involving a family that was forced off the road by an angry driver. According to the father, the angry driver purposefully hit the brakes so the family would run into his vehicle. He also honked at and flipped off the family before running them off the road.

What did this family do to upset the other driver? The family was guilty of merging onto the highway. A dashcam video shows the angry driver attempting to block the family from merging onto C-470. When the family merged anyways, the driver felt he had been defied and lost his temper.

Are incidents like the one described above common in Colorado? Unfortunately, the answer is yes, and other cases of road rage have involved firearms. Most recently, a woman in Colorado Springs was arrested by police for pulling a pistol on another driver.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has also discovered 56 percent of fatal car accidents may be attributed to angry driving.

What to Do if You Experience Road Rage

AAA also has tips for avoiding road rage, or at least defusing the situation.

  • Never give into road rage yourself. Avoid causing other drivers to change speed or direction.
  • Do not respond to other acts of road rage. Don’t enflame the situation by giving the angry driver another reason to become even angrier.
  • Don’t make eye contact and avoid using offensive hand gestures. Give the angry driver space and be prepared to pull into a public area to call 9-1-1.

Both stories we mentioned today could have resulted in death or catastrophic injuries.

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