These Driving Tips Can Help You Avoid Weather-Related Car Accidents

Photo of a car crashThis winter has created some of the most unpredictable weather in recent memory, with temperatures in some parts of the U.S. climbing above 75 degrees and producing apocalyptic thunderstorms. In other areas, freezing cold weather has caused excessive snowfall and icy road conditions.

In Colorado, motorists are facing dangerous road conditions caused by icing. Actor James Woods was recently involved in an accident while traveling through Colorado during icy road conditions, and he was driving a large vehicle with four-wheel drive. Woods, who suffered a concussion from the car accident, told the press he was “lucky to be alive.”

These types of accidents can be avoided, but it does take preparation.

Check vehicles before departing: Performing a check on tire tread depth, fluid levels and brake pads can lessen the severity of car accidents and help avoid them altogether.

Check the weather forecast: Although weather forecasts are not always accurate, it does not mean they should be ignored before or during road trips. Smart phones and other mobile devices can provide motorists with advanced warning of dangerous driving conditions. For example, the National Weather Service (NWS) has the MyRadar app for Android and Apple phones. The free MyRadar app can spot thunderstorms, blizzards, rain and other weather events that create dangerous driving conditions.

Drive safely: Distracted driving and speeding are even more dangerous during poor weather. Abrupt stops and speeding during icy road conditions are frequent causes of accidents. Remember James Woods’ accident? It was caused by another motorist who was speeding and later spun out of control.

Winter has several more months left to go, and unpredictable weather is not uncommon. We hope these tips can help prevent accidents.