Why Is It Hazardous to Drive in the Passing Lane?

Be careful with passing lanesIf you have ever been in a car, chances are you have seen another motorist drive in the passing lane. This is not only rude and highly annoying for other drivers, but it can also cause auto accidents. Depending on what state drivers are passing through, this practice may also be illegal. Driving in the passing lane causes the following safety problems:

  • Hogging the passing lane impedes the flow of traffic and causes congestion. If people use the left lane to pass, but the lane is clogged by an inattentive motorist, it slows everyone else down.
  • Driving in the left-hand lane is dangerous because it forces other motorists to switch to the right lane for passing. Motorists expect each other to shift to the left-hand lane and not the right-hand lane.
  • Driving in the passing lane can test the patience of other motorists. According to Colorado State Patrol, a combination of traffic jams and forcing other drivers to perform dangerous maneuvers can cause road rage. Road rage highly dangerous and likely to encourage speeding or tailgating.

Is It Illegal to Drive in the Passing Lane in Colorado?

Authorities are cracking down on this annoying and dangerous practice. Colorado law requires motorists to only use the left lane for passing on highways if the speed limit is 65 miles per hour or more. Motorists who violate Colorado’s left lane law can lose three points on their license and face a $41.20 fine.

Even in states where driving in the left-hand lane is legal, it is still a dangerous habit that should be avoided.