Do I Need a Lawyer If Someone Injured My Child?

Photo of women grieving over a wrongful deathWhat should you do if your child is injured and it’s someone else’s fault? Even it was not a purposeful injury, medical attention is not cheap and you should not have to pay for it. There are several situations where you should consider filing a personal injury lawsuit for the injuries of your child. Children are susceptible to injuries in a number of ways.

When a Child’s Injury Could Need Legal Action

  • Defective products: Many children’s toys and other products can cause serious health problems. Toys can cause choking hazards, which legally need to be labeled as hazardous. Another recent liability case involves crushing accidents from millions of IKEA MALM dressers, prone to falling over. Many dangerous children’s products are not recalled until consumer complaints and lawsuits are filed against the designers and manufacturers.
  • Premises liability: Was your child injured on a poorly maintained playground or park area? The city or company responsible for the area could be at fault for your child’s injury. Making a premises liability claim against a city is difficult, and consulting a personal injury attorney will likely be necessary to increase the likelihood of success.
  • Bicycle/car accidents: Was your child hit by a car on their bike or in someone’s car? Many times, cases involving accidents can turn into legal battles over who deserves what coverage.

Many insurance and product manufacturing companies will try to refute your damage claim, or offer coverage that does not encompass the full extent of the injuries. At Metier Law Firm, a team of legal professionals are dedicated to prove that you deserve coverage for your child’s injuries and the full recovery process, which is often not initially given.