The One Surprising Reason You Should Never Speed in Colorado

Speeding has serious consequencesIf you live in Colorado and have a heavy foot while driving, you may want to spend some time reading our blog. Speeding can cause rollovers, loss of control and is certain to increase the severity of car accidents. However, speeding has other risk factors that are especially problematic in our state. Speeding can shorten the response time needed to avoid wildlife. In fact, Colorado Parks and Wildlife lists collisions with wildlife as a major cause of car accidents in our state. Speeding is a major cause of wildlife collisions.

Statistics collected by the Colorado Department of Transportation claim our state sees an average of 3,300 collisions with wildlife every year (excluding collisions not reported to law enforcement). In some cases, collisions with wildlife can be fatal or cause catastrophic injuries.

Why Collisions with Wildlife Can Be Fatal

How much damage can wildlife do to vehicles and motorists? It would depend on the animal involved and the vehicle being driven. Obviously smaller creatures like raccoons or skunks pose less of a risk to your safety. On the other hand, deer, moose, bighorn sheep and bears can do significant damage your vehicle, yourself and other passengers. An adult moose can weigh 1,500 pounds, which is almost one ton! Hitting a 1,500-pound animal at 60 mph will do some serious damage.

Also keep in mind, that wildlife does not have to be alive to pose a threat. Large animals that have already been hit can create significant hazards.

Unfortunately, wildlife collisions can happen almost anywhere in Colorado. It is important to remain cautious while driving. Reducing speed can help you avoid collisions, but there are other driving practices that can also improve your safety. If you are driving in an area with a dense wildlife population, it is essential that you constantly scan the road and stay attentive. In addition, you should always keep an eye out for traffic signs that warn of active wildlife.

The Colorado personal injury attorneys at Metier Law Firm encourage everyone to drive safely.