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Is Your Car’s Infotainment System Causing Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving and apps are behind a recent increase in car accidents

Would you believe that your car’s infotainment system is a less distracting device than your smartphone? That’s what automakers would have you believe, however, that could be a dangerous misconception. Professor David Strayer works with AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety, and his latest study may change your mind about distracted driving and the infotainment system … Continue reading

What Dangers Do Semi-Trucks Pose to Our Area?

Photo of a trucker standing infront of his truck

Semi-trucks and tractor trailers pose an interesting problem for the peoples of Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming. These large vehicles, often carrying several tons of cargo, are essential to our economies, yet on the road they can be particularly dangerous to other drivers. Add in the fact that our area is full of winding, steep roads … Continue reading

Has Marijuana Legalization Caused More Accidents in Colorado?

Car accidents and virtual reality are about to collide

As one of the first states in the U.S. to legalize marijuana use, Colorado has become a focal point of scrutiny. All across the country, authorities want to know if legalization has caused societal effects, such as increased auto accidents. Now, as analysts begin to release the data gathered on marijuana use and auto accidents, … Continue reading

Could Death Wish Coffee Actually Be Dangerous?

Photo of a woman shopping

Have you ever heard of botulinum? It’s a type of bacteria that can be found just about anywhere, including on the surfaces of fresh food. Usually this is no big deal, the microbe can’t reproduce in an oxygen rich environment. However, if it does find a place without air, then the botulinum can grow, multiply … Continue reading

Can Your Car Prevent Distracted Driving?

Have you heard of Knight Rider? We are coming to a time when not many people may recognize this classic 80’s television show, and yet the technology of today is catching up to the science fiction of that show. Now researchers may be using the technology of fiction to make cars smarter and stop distracted … Continue reading

Did a Littleton Eyeglasses Retailer Hand Out Faulty Eclipse Glasses?

In the Aspen Grove Lifestyle Center, there is an optics shop known for its high-class eyewear. Europtics in Littleton was even described as high-end by a Denver optometrist on Fox 31, so why is the shop being sued? Faulty eclipse glasses are now at the center of a lawsuit over responsibility and reputation, and the … Continue reading

Could the Latest Problem with EpiPen Turn Deadly?

Protect your children from falling furniture

The Food and Drug Administration is not mincing words with Meridian Medical Technologies. This manufacturing unit of Pfizer has been contracted by Mylan to produce the ubiquitous EpiPen auto-injector, and the FDA has sent the company a warning letter. How did the manufacturer gain the administration’s attention? Is there something wrong with this major and … Continue reading

There’s Been a Security Breach at Equifax, Should You Be Worried About Your Credit?

The Metier Law Firm is here to help

On July 29th, one of the three major credit reporting companies in the country discovered it had been hacked. Equifax claims the breach started at around mid-May and it claims that the personal information of around 143 million U.S. consumers may have been exposed. That’s almost half of the country! Has your personal data been … Continue reading

Were Toxic Fumes Poisoning Colorado Families in Their New Homes?

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Floor joists are essential to a home. They provide both structure and strength, so if these pieces are defective, it can affect an entire house. And though the latest floor joist defect isn’t bringing the house down, it is still causing problems for Colorado families. Why Do Some New Homes Contain Toxic Fumes Poisoning Colorado … Continue reading