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What You Need to Know About the Latest Takata Settlement

Car accidents and virtual reality are about to collide

In early November 2016, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration assured the public that no matter what happened to Takata Corp, consumers would not bear the burden of the Takata recall. These authorities said that automakers would ultimately be responsible for any remaining costs. But now that Takata is sheltered by bankruptcy, will NHTSA’s declaration … Continue reading

Did a Link Between Cancer and Talc Powder Lead to a Massive Lawsuit Verdict?

Talc has been a staple of personal hygiene almost since it was first discovered. The mineral easily grinds into a fine powder that readily absorbs moisture, and reduces friction. This has made talc products useful, but there’s a drawback to using talcum powder for personal hygiene. There may be a link between certain types of … Continue reading

Can This New Breathalyzer Program Prevent Drunk Driving?

Drunk driving is dangerous for everyone, but can breathalyzers help?

Do you know what the legal limit for driving under the influence is in Colorado? Do you know what it feels like when you are at that legal limit? Most people wouldn’t be able to answer that second question, but officials at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) want to help drivers find out. A … Continue reading

Should Autonomous Vehicles Be Designed to Crash?

If you’ve driven in Colorado long enough, then you have probably seen a road work convoy or two. These mobile work projects are what help keep Colorado roads and highways clean and maintained. However, when these workers are doing their jobs, they can be vulnerable to the traffic around them. That’s why crash trucks follow … Continue reading

Will Encana Pay for Allegedly Ruining Colorado Hunting Ranch?

Colorado is known for its natural beauty. It is the source of a lot of state pride, tourism and many livelihoods. So, when the natural beauty of our state is endangered, you can bet there are going to be consequences. Now an oil company—Encana—might be on the hook for ruining a Colorado hunting ranch. Did … Continue reading

Did Chipotle Lie About the Safety of Its Food? A Lawsuit Wants Answers

It’s been rough for Denver-based Chipotle Mexican Grill. The company has been rocked by food quality scandals over the past few years, and investors are not pleased. Will the company face ruin as more lawsuits start to pile up? Is Chipotle Lying about the Safety of Its Food? Right now, Chipotle is dealing with a … Continue reading

Is that DIY Project Really Safe? What You Need to Know About Online Crafts Projects

It was early morning when a Colorado family woke up to smoke in their house. The home was on fire, and worse yet, guests were over for a birthday party. Eleven people evacuated the home, nobody was injured, but what caused the fire left everyone stunned. How Did a DIY Project Become So Dangerous? After … Continue reading

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