The Surprising Reason It’s Dangerous to Buy a Used Car in Colorado

If your vehicle has been recalled, you can receive free repairs!A recent article published by the Denver Post has some alarming news if you recently bought a used car in Colorado. According to the article, which uses statistics gathered by AutoNation, roughly 31 per 100,000 used cars sold in Colorado are under recall for vehicle defects or other reasons. This is the second highest rate in the nation.

The Denver Post claims Colorado has a high rate of used cars under recall due to state regulations. In Colorado, dealers are only required to disclose vehicle defects and recalls they are aware of to consumers. Used car dealerships may not be aware of these defects and recalls, hence the higher rates of dangerous cars being sold to consumers in Colorado.

Should You Check for Vehicle Defects Before Buying a Car?

The same risks can be present when consumers buy vehicles at auctions or private sellers. Some of these defects are extremely dangerous. According to the AutoNation study, 6.94 percent of safety recalls in used cars involved loose hood latches. Defective hood latches can cause the hood to spring up without warning, blocking the windshield and visibility.

New Colorado damage disclosure rules enacted in April and stop-sale orders issued by auto manufacturers can help prevent recalled vehicles from being sold to consumers in some but not all cases.

It is important to check for recalls before buying a vehicle. You can do this in the used car dealership by using the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s smart phone app. Much like the website, the app requires a vehicle identification number to check for active recalls. Just be sure not to buy a vehicle in an area where you don’t receive cellphone service! Depending on where you buy a car, dealerships may perform this service at no cost and provide you with the relevant paperwork.

The Colorado product liability attorneys at Metier Law Firm will hold auto manufacturers and dealerships responsible for selling defective vehicles.