Wyoming Truck Accidents Show the Dangers of Speeding

Wyoming law enforcement has warned the public to be cautious around a stretch of Interstate 80 where over 400 auto accidents have occurred throughout the last decade. According to the Wyoming Highway Patrol, 77 people this year have been injured in accidents on a small stretch of I-80 west of Cheyenne.

Two months ago, 60 vehicles were involved in a chain-reaction truck accident on the stretch of highway, injuring 24 people. In an additional pileup in late April, two people were killed and authorities were forced to shut down the highway. In the latter case, it was discovered the truck driver had been speeding.

Police claim that semi-truck drivers or motorists unfamiliar with the area and weather conditions drive too fast across icy conditions. Wyoming authorities responded to the truck accidents by lowering the speed limit from 65 mph to 45 mph.

Truck accidents do not require snow or ice to occur, and can happen in various other ways. For example, trucks going above 75 mph are going above speeds that truck tires are designed to handle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had investigated the role of speeding in tire blowouts on large commercial trucks. According to the investigation, exceeding 75 mph was a likely cause of most tire blowouts.

Are Legal Options Available to Truck Accident Survivors?

Truck accident survivors might have options for filing lawsuits against truck drivers, commercial carriers and parts manufacturers. Contacting an attorney can help survivors find options for paying medical bills and costs associated with rehabilitation.

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