San Fernando Valley Police Staging Presentations of Motorcycle Crashes

Police from San Fernando Valley, California are displaying the remains of recent motorcycle crashes to increase awareness for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. On March 1, 37-year-old Jerramy Barrios was killed when the driver of a Ford van made a left turn directly into Barrio’s path. With the front wheel missing and the front part of the bike shattered, it is obvious that the motorcycle took the worst of the impact. The van was displayed nearby, with the front bumper hanging and an obvious dent on the passenger side door.

Police are using the two wrecked vehicles to show how riders are the ones who usually suffer the worst injuries during motorcycle crashes. There have been 21 reported accidents so far this year in San Fernando, an alarming increase from just 10 last year. Authorities are hoping presentations like this will help increase awareness of the dangers drivers pose to motorcyclists when they do not   look out for them.

With the increase in motorcyclists on the road, it is imperative that motorists look twice before making turns or changing lanes. However, accidents still happen and people still suffer personal injuries at the hands of a negligent or distracted driver. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident involving another driver’s negligence, please call our national injury attorney today at (866)377-3800 for a free consultation.

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