School Bus Hits, Kills Wyoming Motorcyclist

A bus carrying football players from Evanston High School crashed into a dirt bike two miles south of Afton on US 89. The rider, Troy L. Turner, died from his injuries. The 36-year-old was riding without lights, and the bus driver did not see him.

Wyoming Highway Patrol (WHP) officers were looking for the rider after receiving reports of bikers riding around downtown Afton without headlights. They received word of the accident about 11 minutes after that report.

The bus driver, who was taking the students home after a football game, crashed into the biker from the rear, pinning the bike underneath the bus. The rider was thrown forward into a barrow pit. He died from his injuries at the accident scene. The other biker did not sustain injuries.

Police say that the lack of visibility and the possible use of alcohol contributed to the motorcycle accident. Bikers must do everything they can to stay visible, since lack of visibility is a major factor in most fatal motorcycle crashes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 30 percent of bikers who died in motorcycle accidents were at or above the legal alcohol limit at the time of the accident.

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  1. We agree that bikers must make efforts to stay visible to all other motorists. National and state agencies have launched countless campaigns to keep motorists on the lookout for motorcycles, but bikers must do their part as well. Bright lights and bright colors on the bike, helmet and clothing can increase visibility. And bikers should always avoid alcohol; since alcohol can disrupt balance, bikers are more likely to cause an accident when they ride under the influence.

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