Should Road Guards Be Used

Motorcycle clubs that used road guards could be endangering lives, both theirs and other drivers on the road.

Whether it is charity runs or just for fun, sometimes motorcycle clubs use their own bikers, or “road guards”, to direct or block traffic. Though the practice is common, it is considered illegal, and is being blamed for the death of a man in October in Granbury, Texas.

The 38-year-old Rafael Del Val was riding with a convoy of around 85 other riders on the way to Cranfills Gap when the motorcycle accident occurred.

The Granbury police report states that members of the motorcycle convoy were attempting to stop cross-traffic at U.S. 377 and Temple Hall Highway so the group of riders could stay together. An SUV entered the light despite the “road guard” and De Val and a second rider collided with it.

Some motorcyclists argue that the use of road guards is necessary for safety. Law enforcement does not agree, though.

“If someone calls and says we’re the DFW rider group and we want to take 200 motorcycles through your city, if you want to go through intersections, you’re going to have to hire off-duty officers that assist you because we’re the only ones that can stop the traffic,” said Sgt. Ann Gates.

Do you feel motorcycle groups should use their own road guards, or hire law enforcement?

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