Single Vehicle Accident in Glenwood Canyon Causes Chain Reaction Involving Two Semis

Icy roads and careless driving are two factors police believe contributed to the multiple crashes that occurred on March 23 in Glenwood Canyon, leaving several people with serious injuries. Colorado State Patrol reported that a pickup driven by 18-year-old Hailey Wells lost control on Interstate 70’s slushy-like roadway. The truck violently struck a nearby bridge rail before coming to rest in the left lane.

A friend of Wells, 45-year-old Mindy Baumgardner, was following behind the truck when the accident occurred. She stopped her vehicle on the right-hand shoulder near the wreck in order to lend aid to her friend. However, the vehicles on either side of the road posed as threats to oncoming motorists, resulting in three chain reaction crashes. In addition to Wells’ truck and her friend’s car, seven more vehicles—including two tractor trailers—were involved in accidents, blocking all lanes of westbound travel for a brief period of time.

Authorities reported that Wells broke her hand in the accident, and Baumgarden suffered major injuries to her ribs when her vehicle was hit from behind by a semi truck. Another truck accident involving a tractor trailer colliding with a car caused one passenger of another vehicle to sustain minor head injuries.

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